Medium Enterprise Challenges

We have worked with a large number of medium sized coaching, training and tutoring companies and we understand many of the challenges that face them. Many marketing firms do not fully understand the nuances of these industries and what it takes to promote a personal development company like yours.  We have identified three main problems in our conversations with learning and growth institutions and these are outlined below.


Problem 1

There are over a million UK managers in the large organisations and, according to Warwrick University, an estimated 1.29 million in medium sized organisations. The Chartered Managers Institute (CMI) found that only ¼ of managers have qualifications to ensure that they run their businesses effectively and, like us, they advise that management qualifications can help managers to work more effectively with their teams and ensure that problems are detected earlier. Additionally, these qualifications give them rigorous methods to ensure projects are planned effectively, well implemented and submitted on time within the budget. Consistency can also be an issue and our software can help with that.  Find out more…


Problem 2

Many medium sized educational institutions struggle with social media marketing or think that the costs have to be astronomical to be effective.  With larger budgets can come some great innovations which actually save time and reduce waste across an organisation.  We have spent years developing a system that can automate lead generation via social media process and massively reduce the cost and increase the efficacy of marketing for tutoring, training and coaching companies. Coupled with this, we have currently identified that there are over 60 social media platforms with potential customers which could benefit from your services or products. Using traditional methods of advertising rather than engaging with social media could cost up to 5 x more for similar results. Start a Conversation…


Problem 3

Some organisations are high stress places. If you have a high turnover of staff, like many agencies and recruitment firms, staff induction and training can cost huge amounts. We have proven in our company and with our clients that our system speeds up the process of supporting new staff, making them more effective quicker. Find out more…

Moreover, many businesses offer training online as marketing tools but their techniques are neither engaging nor inspiring enough to deliver their training. Even those that do have engaging online resources, the majority do not actually deliver efficient knowledge transfer so learners waste their time and, ultimately, learn very little. We can help with all of these problems.

How Can We Help?

We are a team of committed learning and development experts as well as marketeers with over thirty years experience combined. Our understanding of learning comes from a fundamental, academic and highly practical level. We offer a practical solution which will be aligned with your KPIs and business objectives. We can provide light services deisigned to complement your current provision for marketing or training. Alternatively, we can become a business plug-in along with the marketing or training arm of your company.

For Tutors and Trainers

We want to partner with tutoring and training companies to offer services that increase their profitability and the quality of learning experience. We offer a range of services for tutors and trainers, many of which are free, as we want to help as many people as possible.  To find our range of services for trainers and tutors, simply download our pricing guide. Get Connected

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