Chris Jones: Managing Director & Trainer


Chris Jones: Managing Director & Trainer

Coach and Leadership Trainer

Chris has been teaching and delivering training for 10 years and has logged over 170 hours of paid coaching.  He has had multiple leadership roles and was responsible for leadership development and coaching within Goffs School for 2 years.  Having worked with a range of special interest groups such as early career managers/leaders, SMEs and senior managers/leaders he has gained a great deal of experience with facilitating these sessions. Additionally, he has facilitated group coaching sessions and individual coaching sessions all receiving high levels of quality feedback and long term impact.  Chris has used his coaching to resolve difficult conflict situations within, and between, departments.

In terms of his leadership he has been in leadership roles for over 8 years and he has used this along with his master level qualifications in leaders and management to create successful programs (in terms of evaluations and impact). He brings his energy and excellence in teaching into all of the courses that he offers.

Chris has a Masters degree in Advanced Educational Practice from the Institute of Education, which focuses on leadership and coaching.  As part of his Masters Dissertation project he researched and developed a highly effective method for using Skype for Coaching. He also gained a postgraduate diploma in coaching and mentoring; which was delivered by a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) accredited coach. Additionally, Chris is now accredited to deliver the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) level 5 management/leadership courses and level 7 coaching and mentoring courses (

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Chris believes that all leaders can be developed if given the right support and opportunity to lead.  From his experience, he has found that when people use the right support they can surpass all expectations and limitations set by themselves and others. Great coaches find the things that hold clients back and work with them highly effectively to facilitate transformative change. Finally, he firmly holds the belief that rigorous evaluation is essential for the continued improvement of development program provisions. If Chris sounds like someone who could support you and help you to deliver high impact then click to contact him.