Chris Jones: Managing Director & Trainer

Coach and Leadership Trainer

Chris has been teaching and delivering training for 10 years and has logged over 170 hours of paid coaching.  He has had multiple leadership roles and was responsible for leadership development and coaching within Goffs School for […]

Rakesh Ramkalawon: Founding Member/ Project Manager & Trainer

Rakesh has worked in the education sector for almost a decade as a qualified teacher. His ability to quickly adapt to different learning situations is admirable and unique. He has been recommended to become an […]

Edmund Cox: Founding Member/ Creative Lead and Writer

Edmund is a driven skilled researcher for Hexis Plus and an experienced social media creative and marketeer. He has a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and he brings creativity along with humour into the […]

David Jablonka: Founding Member/ Research Lead & Writer

David did his PhD in the field of machine ethics so has a unique blend of knowledge in the technology, education and research industries. His Masters in law also means he has a brilliant researching […]

Annika Oste: Founding Member/ Project Manger

Project Manager

Annika left her homeland Germany to live in London at the beginning of the decade and she immediately became absorbed in her English Literature degree with the Open University. This involved a tremendous amount of […]