Do you have anything to do with taxis?


Do you know about the changes for taxi drivers in London in the UK?

Drivers in the capital, whether self-employed or working for companies like Uber, Addison Lee, Metro cars or any other large firms must have a minimum standard of English equivalent to IELTs level 4 or a GCSE pass to able to get a licence to drive a cab. These changes were due to come into effect in April but have been pushed back to September 2017 to allow drivers time to ’skill up’. If you or your employees licence comes to an end after the deadline, or you are a new driver seeking a licence, you will need to demonstrate a minimum standard of English by showing a qualification at the time of application or you will need to pass a test. Get a practice test here.


What happens if you fail the test?

The test will not be free and will cost each time you try it, so if you think you, a friend or a driver that works for you might fail you should consider an intensive English course. Hexis Plus has partnered with many tutoring centres and therefore has access to several thousand tutors, which would allow us to deal with the needs of the large number of drivers who are likely to be affected by the changes. Click here to start a conversation with us and see what we can do for you, your friend or your organisation.