The launch of ‘Success In Exams’ – a new book that helps students!

The launch of ‘Success In Exams’ – a new book that helps students!
Hexis Plus is publishing the brilliant new eBook, ‘Success In Exams’ by Dr Indira Ghatak and it is being made freely available for pupils and parents alike!
Dr Ghatak noticed that those pupils who are C/D borderline, those who benefit from pupil premium or those who are generally of a lower than average ability often feel overwhelmed by the transition from Year 9 to GCSE and from GCSE to A-Level. She believes that this struggle comes down to a lack of understanding of revision strategies and exam technique. Subsequently, this book helps underperforming students in Years 10-13 learn how to revise effectively by teaching students the following:
  • ·         revision strategies
  • ·         how to develop study time tables and tactics to break up the learning throughout the year.
  • ·         techniques to work with teachers.
  • ·         how to alleviate stress and establish a decent work-life balance
  • ·         how to effectively identify and change habits.

She addresses these issues in a conversational, relatable manner that is easy to understand for both parents and teenagers alike.
What really sets ‘Success In Exams’ apart is that it’s a multi-media book which has revolutionary interactivity including bespoke quizzes and videos that can be viewed via QR codes embedded in the book. This provides a holistic skills development program for those who need it. Some of these codes are permanent links and others are regularly updated for new content to ensure that students keep using the book as a study aid.
[Success In Exams] captured the essence […] of the subject matter and then built upon those to not only enable the student to gain knowledge and understanding but also the relevant practicalities of having to perform highly in examinations.
Rahul S. – Parent
Dr Ghatak combines her immense experience in teaching at top schools with her insight as a mother whose children have been through the process. [Success In Exams] has a holistic all round approach which maximises a child’s ability and hard work with a healthy mental attitude and positive self-esteem to produce happy, motivated successful children.
Isaac P. – Parent
[Success In Exams] helped me organise my time more efficiently […] I optimised my speed of learning and clarity of thought […] I strongly advise all to follow her methods which are expertly set out in this book.
Sienna A. – Student
If you would like a free copy of the ‘Success In Exams’ eBook in any popular format, please click here or email:
We here at Hexis Plus are delighted to have helped publish this book using our extensive editing, social media marketing, website designing and branding knowledge. We’re looking forward to our next projects with Dr Ghatak and the various different tutoring and training companies we support.
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